"The people at Full Circle Forestry Products are full of heart with motivated ambitions. They hustled to overcome unforeseen setbacks - i.e. weather interruptions and an equipment breakdown - and were able to deliver a mix of live edge products as well as dimensional lumber and hardwood flooring. Full Circle is a promising business on the rise with dedication towards success."

— Travis R., Home Builder

"We could not be happier with our custom black walnut top and base cabinet from Full Circle Forest Products! The materials came in the exact custom size ordered, the joinery was tight, the surfaces were extremely smooth and level, and both the stained wood top and painted base cabinet were finished beautifully. The products were delivered on time and installed in a clean and professional manner. We will definitely order more products from FCFP in the future."

Daniel Baigelman, Architect and Furniture Designer

 "I have found the quality of the workmanship and the workman to be of the highest order. Couldn’t be more pleased with the beauty of the benches and with the honorable word of the company.  Everything that was promised to us about the product we requested came delivered exactly as we had hoped."

— Cantor Steven Stoehr, Cantor of Congregation Beth Shalom

"We are more than pleased with our table! The attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship ensure that we will not only be enjoying this table for years to come, but that it is now a family heirloom for the next generations.

"Because of our table's custom height/size and the construction of the legs I can actually sit comfortably at it... which is a new experience for me with tables"


Julie Ferdman & Ben Shartman

Custom Table Clients

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