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This Hannukah, let your lights shine from our American Tree Farm Certified Black Walnut Menorahs!


Each piece is handcrafted with attention to highlighting beautiful grain figure, and the contrasting colors that are unique to Black Walnut wood.



2" thick, 3" wide, 13" long


*Each Menorah comes with 8 candle holder inserts.


FREE SHIPPING (within the continental US)



Whether you give this Menorah as a gift, or use it in your own home, these Menorah's are sure to make an impact with their modern, organic design.



Long Term Care Instructions


*When removing wax, avoid using sharp objects like knives. This could scratch the surface of the wood.

Instead, you can cut a thin sheet of plastic cut from a disposable plastic container.


*After 2-3 years, you may notice that the wood will start to dry out. 

If this happens, you can apply a thin layer of warmed coconut oil to the wood. Apply in a circular motion with a soft cloth. 



Black Walnut Menorah

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